Shiva Thapa CWG2022: Shiva Thapa defeats Suleman Baloch, Pakistani boxer fell in the ring during the match

Shiva Thapa in action against Suleman Baloch- India TV Hindi News
Image Source : PTI
Shiva Thapa in action against Suleman Baloch


  • Shiva Thapa defeated Pakistani boxer
  • Pakistani boxer fell in the ring in front of Shiva Thapa
  • Indian boxer made it to the pre-quarterfinals

Shiva Thapa CWG2022: India’s star boxer Shiva Thapa started his campaign in the Commonwealth Games 2022 with a landslide victory. The 28-year-old Indian boxer defeated Pakistan’s boxer Suleman Baloch in his first match of the Games. Thapa defeated Baloch 5-0 in the round of 32 in the 63.5kg category.

Thapa beats Pakistani boxer with discipline and aggression

The experienced Indian boxer was being considered a favorite from the beginning in this match of the welter weight category. In the first match of the Birmingham Games, Arch Rivals faced Pakistan’s boxer in this match, the interest of the people in the Indian subcontinent increased. Thapa once again explained in this match why he is considered a champion boxer. Shiva played this bout with full discipline keeping his pulse under control and he also hit tremendous punches while the Pakistani boxer was not only warned but also had to deduct a point due to foul in the second round. Shiva Thapa, who has been representing India in international tournaments for more than a decade, consistently appeared extremely agile and agile inside the ring. At one point during the bout, Pakistani boxer Baloch moved quickly to punch him, but Thapa quickly backed down as a result, the Pakistani boxer fell in the ring.

Thapa overshadowed Pakistani boxer in every round

In the first round, the five judges ruled in favor of Thapa. Four judges considered Thapa the winner 10-9, while the fifth scored 10-8 in his favor. No judge ever deducted a single point in the Indian boxer’s score in this three-round match. Thapa, a five-time Asian Championship medalist, got 10 points each from five judges in each round, which was enough to make him the winner. Shiva Thapa showed with his performance in the ring that he was technically much better than his opponent. With this win, Indian boxer Thapa also cemented his place in the pre-quarters.

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