Shraddha Murder Case Aftab’s polygraphy test remained incomplete on the first day know till when the narco test will be done

Aftab accused in Shraddha murder case - India TV Hindi

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Aftab accused in Shraddha murder case

In the Shraddha murder case, on the one hand, the police is engaged in collecting evidence, while on the other hand, questions are being raised on Aftab’s attitude. Aftab can once again be brought to Rohini’s Forensic Science Laboratory for polygraphy test today. Aftab’s polygraphy test remained incomplete on the first day. He complained of fever after which police took Aftab from FSL. The questions asked to Aftab on the first day, he answered them in one line, that’s why the police have to struggle. Even today, the series of questions will continue from Aftab.

polygraph test failed

For the last three days, Aftab, accused of murdering Shraddha, is being brought to the Forensic Science Laboratory in Delhi’s Rohini in a similar manner. His medical conditioning was done on the first day. There was fever on the second day, so the test was not done and on the third day also the polygraphy test could not be completed. That’s why polygraphy test can be done by bringing Aftab to this lab again today.

Aftab did not answer correctly!
Aftab was questioned for about eight and a half hours on Thursday. But the police could not find much in their hands. According to the PRO of FSL, Aftab complained of fever, so the police took him back. Now there will be polygraphy test again today. Aftab gave answers in front of the lie detector on Thursday but he did not give up his viciousness.

Narco test will be done after medical report
After the completion of polygraph test, it will take 2 days to get the report of Aftab’s medical test. Aftab’s narco test will be done only after the report of the medical test comes. Sources say that Aftab’s narco test may be done on Monday, as Ambedkar Hospital conducts narco test only on Mondays. With this polygraph and narco test, the police can get answers to many such questions, which have come to the fore during the investigation of this case.

Aftab is very smart
Aftab is so clever that when his polygraph test started, he was trying to appear normal. Aftab’s body language was absolutely normal. The gesture was as if nothing had been done. His behavior was absolutely calm. He was calm even while answering questions.

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