Shraddha murder case: Bar association slams lawyers who protested against accused Aftab

Lawyers protest against Aftab - India TV Hindi News

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Lawyers demonstrated against Aftab

Bar associations condemn lawyers’ protest against accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla, accused of brutally murdering his ‘live-in partner’, allegedly protested by lawyers at a court here on Thursday. Said that the law will take its course. The president of the association, advocate Vinod Sharma, claimed to stay away from the bar’s protest. He said, “Our association neither demonstrated nor do we support it. The law will take its course. I am not sure whether they were lawyers or some outsiders in lawyer’s uniform. I haven’t seen any footage yet.

Condemning the crime, Advocate Murari Tiwari, Secretary, Bar Council of Delhi also reiterated that “law takes its own course”. We are not giving any statement on the protest in the premises of Saket district courts. Around 100 practicing advocates gathered at the Saket district court here around 3 p.m. after they came to know that the accused was being tried before Metropolitan Magistrate Aviral Shukla. will be presented before

demanded the death penalty

They raised slogans demanding death sentence to the accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla. Surendra Kumar, one of the protesting lawyers, said that the protest was organized against the heinous crime of the accused. “We demand an impartial probe into the matter. There should be an early hearing of the matter in a fast track court.”

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