Shraddha’s killer Aftab had tattoos made on both hands, one written with hope and on the other… what is the connection with the murder – Shraddha’s killer Aftab had tattoos made on both hands

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shraddha murder case

A photo related to Aftab is going viral on social media. Everyone is surprised to see this photo. Aftab Poonwala got tattoos done on both his hands. Whose photo was also shared on social media. Now this photo is going viral on social media. Users are making strange comments about this photo.

What was the photo after all?

According to Aftab’s Facebook account, on January 19, 2013, he uploaded a tattooed photo on Facebook. He wrote the caption with the photo that my arm. In this photo you can clearly see that tattoos have been done on both hands. Faith was written on one hand and Hope on the other hand. That is, if we talk in Hindi, Faith means hope and Hope means hope. Till the time of writing this news, many people have commented on this news. At the same time, some people also taunted Aftab.

What is the whole matter?
Both Aftab and Shraddha were residents of Mumbai. Shraddha left Mumbai and shifted to Delhi for Aftab. Both were living in Mehrauli, Delhi in a live-in relationship. During this, there was a rift between the two. Aftab reveals that the fight had reached such an extent that they had made a plan to kill Shraddha. We had made a plan on 11th May but that day’s plan failed but we killed Shraddha on 18th May. He further disclosed that the dead body was cut into 35 pieces and kept in the refrigerator. After this, he used to throw everyday in the forests of Mehrauli. Now the police is investigating this entire matter.

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