Solar energy will now be made even in areas without sunlight, this assistant professor has discovered a unique technique, solar plates will not be needed – mmmut assistant professor develops unique technique to produce energy with very low sunlight


  • Paper has been published in UK journal

  • Remote locations will be accessible

Dr. Prashant Saini, Assistant Professor of Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology (MMMUT) of Gorakhpur district, has discovered an alternative energy source. Regarding this new innovation in the field of solar energy, Dr. Prashant Saini says that the purpose of this solar plant is to promote non-conventional energy.

Based on his research work so far, it is estimated that the cost of generating electricity per unit from this plant will be Rs.8.50. No type of battery is being used in this. Due to which this plant will also be very useful in the direction of environmental protection.

Assistant Professor Dr. Prashant Saini has prepared the concept of this new solar plant, which will have the ability to get energy from the sun hidden behind the clouds. This plant will also convert heat up to 10 degree Celsius into solar energy. This solar plant can be used at such places, where sunlight does not come out for many days.

Institute’s Mechanical Engineering Department Chairman Prof. This research work has been completed under the guidance of Jiut Singh.

Paper has been published in UK journal
The research paper related to the format of solar plant prepared by Dr. Prashant has also been published by the International Journal Energy Conversion and Management of United Kingdom.

For solar energy, you must have seen solar plates installed on the roofs or in vacant places. But, it is not needed in Dr. Prashant’s research. This solar plant, called Combined Cooling, Heating, Power and Desalination, can charge itself with the heat of the atmosphere instead of solar energy.

Will get physical form soon
Actually, under this new innovation, a solar collector made of an incubated tube filled with thermal oil can collect solar energy. Electrically operated instruments can be operated by securing it in the phase change material tank.

Through this new technology, contaminated water can also be converted into drinking water. In this research, Dr. Prashant was supported by Prof. of Mechanical Engineering Department of IIT BHU. J. The cooperation of the government has also been received. Dr. Prashant is now engaged in giving physical form to the plant through the financial assistance received from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Remote locations will be accessible
Dr. Prashant Saini said that as we see at remote locations, there are many villages in the country where electricity does not reach. Along with that, there are also hilly areas like Uttarakhand and Shimla where even today it is difficult to provide electricity to every household. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for the government to provide electricity connection to the electricity department.

It costs more to provide electricity connection at such places. For these circumstances we have made this panel. In hilly areas electricity is needed to make hot water. That’s why the team designed five systems. In which there are four systems in which water is also being heated and cooled. Electricity is also being generated and there is a system in which water will also be purified.

(Reporting by Vineet Pandey)

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