Sonia Gandhi-Smriti Irani Row TMC mp Mahua Moitra stands with congress chief Sonia Gandhi

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TMC MP Mahua Moitra


  • Smriti Irani’s fight with Sonia Gandhi
  • Mahua Moitra tweeted in defense of Sonia
  • “75 years old leader was surrounded in Lok Sabha”

Sonia Gandhi-Smriti Irani Row: Union Minister Smriti Irani had a heated argument with Congress President Sonia Gandhi in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mahua Moitra has now entered the controversy between Sonia and Smriti. Mahua Moitra defended Sonia in this controversy, saying that the 75-year-old leader was surrounded in the Lok Sabha. In fact, Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury addressed India’s first woman tribal president Murmu as ‘national wife’ in a media interaction on Wednesday. So the controversy has started on this.

Where did all the controversy begin?

Today, in both the houses of Parliament, BJP members created a ruckus over the matter. The BJP and government ministers have demanded an apology from Congress President Sonia Gandhi in this matter. When the Lok Sabha proceedings on the same issue were adjourned again shortly after 12 noon, Sonia Gandhi went to the seats of the ruling party and asked BJP MP Rama Devi why her name was being dragged into this controversy. Meanwhile, Smriti Irani was also seen opposing Chaudhary’s statement by reaching close to Sonia Gandhi. At first Sonia tried to ignore Smriti Irani, but soon after she was seen saying something in an angry tone by turning to the Union Minister.

Mahua came out in support of Sonia Gandhi
Now regarding this matter, TMC MP Mahua Moitra tweeted, “At that time I was in the Lok Sabha when a senior leader of 75 years was surrounded in such a way as to be surrounded in a herd. Tokatoki was done in front of him. All this was done when she went to another senior woman leader who is on the panel of presiding chairmen and spoke to him.

Moitra, a member from West Bengal’s Krishnanagar Lok Sabha seat, said, “Distressed to read false statements of BJP in the press.” Earlier in a tweet, Moitra had said, “All rules in Lok Sabha are always for the opposition. Today, as soon as the Lok Sabha meeting started and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha said to sit, only then the BJP occupied the mike for 10 minutes and raised objections. Different standards for different people.

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