Sukesh chandrashekhar new press release on arvind kejriwal satyender jain and aam aadmi party | ‘Kejriwal ji, stop provoking me or else…’, Sukesh Chandrashekhar explodes another letter bomb

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Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

New Delhi: Sukesh Chandrashekhar, lodged in Delhi jail on charges of cheating, has blown another letter bomb on the leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party. In a new letter, in total 7 points, Sukesh said that Kejriwal and his associates are saying that I am doing all this deliberately at the time of elections, and why not when ED and CBI were asking me questions. Sukesh himself responded by saying that at first I kept quiet and ignored everything but it became difficult to bear the constant threats and pressure from the jail administration.

‘Why are you afraid of investigation?’

Sukesh wrote, ‘Mr Jain kept asking me to fund during Punjab and Goa elections, so I decided to proceed according to the law. I didn’t do it because someone told me. So stop your old drama. Everyone can see that you want to suppress and divert the issue.’ Sukesh, while addressing Kejriwal in the second point, wrote that why Jain was constantly asking me to withdraw the complaint against former DG Sandeep Goyal and the jail administration, and why threatened me to fund your election campaign were you going? If you are honest then why are you afraid of investigation?

‘I don’t need anyone’s help’
Sukesh wrote in the third point, ‘Kejriwal ji, Manish ji said that I am doing all this because it will help in my case? Let me tell you that he is thinking wrong. I don’t need anyone’s help and I am able to fight my case and prove my innocence. So don’t try to deviate from the real issue. In the fourth point, Sukesh asked, ‘Kejriwal ji, your spokesperson Saurabh ji and Atishi ji ask who is Sukesh? Many people don’t know me. It was also asked whether I am the truthful king Harishchandra?’

‘If you and your partner are truthful then…’
Sukesh himself wrote in response, ‘Kejriwal ji, if people do not know Sukesh and I have no status, then why are you so scared, why are you being so defensive. Many people may not know me, but many have come to know me as the person who brought the reality of AAP to the fore in the last 3 months despite attacks and threats through DG and jail administration. Sukesh further said that I am not a truthful king Harishchandra but you and your companions are truthful, so answer all those questions which have been asked earlier.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, Sukesh third letter bomb, Sukesh third letter, threat to death

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Sukesh Chandrashekhar has made serious allegations against many leaders of Aam Aadmi Party including Arvind Kejriwal.

‘I will give proof of everything’
Sukesh said in the fifth point that stop saying that all this is being done because of elections. Sukesh wrote, ‘I give you a piece of advice. You and Zain are among the few people I know very well. So don’t assume that I will not give proof of what I have said. I will give proof of everything and take off your mask in front of everyone. Don’t dream of winning elections because people are seeing everything. Very soon you are going to be out of power, because your drama will no longer work and you will be badly defeated because of your karma, your lies.’

‘Don’t Make Your Disciples Threaten’
In the sixth point, Sukesh wrote that Kejriwal ji, stop threatening me through your disciples and jail administration. She wrote, ‘I am not the one to be afraid of this. I am not interested in any of your offers. I will ensure that every paise given to you and Jain is brought before the court along with the evidence. I had gathered all the evidence from the beginning by seeing your double face. I am thankful to God that as soon as it all started in 2016, he had put in my mind the idea of ​​keeping a record of everything.

‘Stop provoking me or else…’
In the 7th and final point, Sukesh said, ‘Kejriwal ji, you and your friends stop provoking me or else I will be forced to disclose some things which are very personal. This will not bring any happiness to you or Jain and the people of the country will also be surprised. So instead of talking about me, answer the questions arising in the investigation. If the issues raised by me with the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi are found to be wrong, then I am ready to be hanged. But will you quit politics if the charges are proved? If the allegation is false then you should welcome the CBI inquiry. Long live Rama.’

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