Super Typhoon Hinnamnor: Japan-China will face the most powerful storm of the year 2022 … moving at a speed of 241 km per hour


  • Heavy rain and high waves will knock

  • Moving ahead at a speed of 241 kmph

This year’s most dangerous cyclonic storm is moving rapidly towards Japan. This storm, which rose from the West Pacific Ocean, is moving at a speed of 241 kilometers per hour. According to Japan’s Meteorological Agency, Hurricane Himannor will move north to approach the island at the end of the week. Its path after that is uncertain, but projections indicate the storm will continue northward toward the Korean peninsula next week.

It is believed to be the most powerful storm of this year. This storm remains a major threat to the people of the eastern coast of China, the southern coast of Japan and the Philippines. Flights to Okinawa have already been disrupted by the storm. Japan Airlines on Wednesday canceled flights to and from the region, while ANA Holdings Inc. said eight flights were suspended as of Thursday. Both companies have warned that flights may be affected for the whole week due to the storm.

What does the weather agency say?
Hurricane Hinamor has been classified as ‘violent’ by the Japan Meteorological Department. The agency has warned of strong thunderstorms and high tides in Okinawa.

What is the situation now?
As of September 1, the storm was about 290 km south of Miyako Island, moving south-southwest at 20 kmph. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, its center had an atmospheric pressure of 920 hectopascals and winds were gusting up to 270 kilometers per hour.

Typhoon Himanor Forecast
The agency has forecast winds of 108 kph for Okinawa on Friday and 252 kph on Saturday. Is. In addition, China has issued a storm warning for the coastal provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian.

Hurricane Hinamor impact
The storm could emerge as a major threat to the Okinawa region this week. Some islands have only a few hundred inhabitants, but the entire region has about 1.4 million people. Okinawa hosts most of the US military bases in mainland Japan. According to the Japan Times, some houses could collapse due to thunderstorms and strong winds.

Apart from this, heavy rains and high waves will also knock in the area. The agency has predicted 180 mm of rain in Okinawa till Thursday morning. At this time it is hurricane season in Japan. The country experiences about 20 such storms in a year, with regular heavy rains that cause landslides or flash floods.

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