Supertech has not lost courage due to the fall of twin towers, said that they will build other towers there again

Sector 93 A, Noida- India TV Hindi News
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Sector 93 A, Noida


  • Supertech will do new construction again in Sector 93A
  • Supertech said – will seek permission from Noida Authority
  • Supertech will seek damages if permission is not granted

Twin Tower Demolition: The twin towers of Supertech located in Sector 93-A of Noida may have been demolished, but the company is still not giving up. Supertech has announced to build new towers again at the place of demolition of twin towers. People are also confused by this. The company had claimed a loss of around Rs 500 crore due to the demolition of the twin towers. But now Supertech is going to build a new tower again. Now people want to know whether these towers will also be the same as before, if yes, then what was the need to demolish the old one…? Your question is valid. Let us now tell you what Supertech is going to do in place of Twin Towers.

Well-known real estate company Supertech Ltd is now looking to develop a new residential project at the same site after the demolition of its twin tower building in Noida with a controlled explosion. Supertech Chairman RK Arora said that if the Noida Development Authority does not approve the new project, the company will seek refund of land cost and other expenses. Supertech has claimed a loss of around Rs 500 crore due to the demolition of the twin towers following the Supreme Court order. Both these towers inside the Emerald Court Society were constructed in violation of the prescribed norms. On August 28, on the orders of the Supreme Court, at 2.30 pm, these towers, about 100 meters high, were demolished with a destructor.

Twin tower was in 14 acres of land

More than 3,700 kg of explosives were used to bring down the Twin Towers. After the debris was cleared from the tower site, Arora said the company would place a proposal before the Noida Development Authority to develop a residential project at the site. Along with this, the company will also seek the consent of the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) of the Emerald Court premises, if required. He said the authority had allotted 14 acres of land to Supertech for a group housing project in Noida’s Sector 93A. Twin towers were built on two acres of this land block. Arora in a conversation with PTI-Bhasha said, “Now the twin towers have been demolished and now we will come up with a proposal to develop a group housing project on two acres of land owned by the company.

Supertech will take damages if noida authority will not give permission
Asked about the possibility of the company getting its approval from the authority, he said the company will definitely make a plan and then the authority has to take a call on it. Arora said that if needed, the consent of the RWA of the Emerald Court would also be taken. The Supertech chairman said that in case the new project is not given permission, the company will seek the authority to refund its cost on this land. Arora said, “At the current rate, the cost of this land should be around Rs 80 crore. Apart from this, about Rs 25 crore was also paid by Supertech for the purchase of additional floor area ratio (FAR) in this project. Fines will be sought.

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