Supreme Court After Nupur Sharma now Supreme Court lawyer Vineet Jindal gets threat of separate from head this is the whole matter

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Supreme Court lawyer Vineet Jindal


  • Supreme Court lawyer Vineet Jindal receives threat of ‘separate from head’
  • Threat received through letter
  • Complaint was lodged against Adil Chishti

Supreme Court: You must have heard this sentence many times in the past few days. The controversy, which started with BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, has now reached Vineet Jindal, a lawyer in the Supreme Court. He has been written by some unknown people threatening him that now his ‘head will be separated from the body’. After receiving the letter, Jindal lodged a complaint with the police. He has said that his life as well as his family is in danger.

Complaint was lodged against Adil Chishti

After the complaint of Vineet Jindal, now the Delhi Police has started investigating the matter. Now the police is also looking at the threat received by Vineet Jindal with Adil Chishti. In fact, Vineet Jindal had lodged a police complaint against Adil Chishti, son of Sarwar Chishti, who was associated with Ajmer Dargah for insulting Hindu deities. Even before Vineet received the letter, he was receiving death threats from numbers in the country and abroad.

what was written in the letter

In the letter sent to Vineet Jindal’s house, it was written, ‘Allah’s message is Vineet Jindal Tera Bhi Sir will soon separate from the body.’ Vineet’s family members are in an atmosphere of fear after receiving the letter. He has urged the Delhi Police Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner of North West Delhi to take action on this at the earliest. Delhi Police also believes that Vineet’s family may be in danger, so it is also taking precautionary measures. Though Vineet Jindal has already been given security by the Delhi Police, a personal security officer has been posted with him.

Letter thrown away from camera

The person who threw the threatening letter had complete information about Vineet’s house, only then he threw the letter in Vineet Jindal’s house in such a way that he could escape from the CCTV. Vineet told that the letter thrower very cleverly threw the letter in the house and he escaped from the sight of the CCTV camera.

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