Supreme Court strong comment on freebies said If the Election Commission cannot stop freebies then God save it

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Supreme Court


  • Supreme Court’s strong comment on freebies
  • Said, ‘If the Election Commission can’t stop the freebies, then God save them’
  • Answer sought from central government

Supreme Court: The Supreme Court on Tuesday made a scathing remark on the Election Commission while hearing a petition seeking a ban on parties promising or distributing freebies before elections. A three-judge bench headed by CJI NV Raman said that if the Election Commission cannot do anything to the parties distributing free goods, then only God save them. Along with this, the court has also sought response from the central government on the necessary steps being taken by it on this subject. The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Finance Commission whether non-essential expenditure is also taken care of in the revenue allocated to the states. The Chief Justice of India has done many deep talks before this as well.

CJI Raman has spoken deeply on democracy too

Chief Justice of India NV Ramana said that it is necessary for all the citizens of the world to strive relentlessly to uphold and advance the freedom, liberty and democracy for which our forefathers have struggled. Justice Ramana said this after a visit to the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, USA. He said that this monument marks a defining moment in human civilization and all democracies are inspired by the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have arisen from this holy place. He said, “It represents the definite guarantees and promises of human dignity and existence. Standing in this historic hall, one can be inspired by the courage, spirit, and ideals that inspired and echoed America’s founding fathers.” Still around the world today.”

NV Raman once wanted to go into active politics

Chief Justice of India NV Ramana on Saturday said he really wanted to join active politics but the law was such that he became a judge but he did not regret it. He said that while practicing in the lower court, he had become deeply interested in politics and wanted to go into active politics, but the law became such that he went on to practice in the Andhra Pradesh High Court in Hyderabad on the inspiration of his father. However, Justice Raman made it clear in his speech that he could not enter politics against his will, yet he did not regret it. He expressed satisfaction that he has been able to do something for the judiciary and the country and the society in the field he has taken up.

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