Sushmita Sen brother Rajeev Sen divorce from Charu Asopa cancel relationship was broken

Charu Asopa, Rajeev Sen will no longer seek divorce - India TV Hindi News
Charu Asopa, Rajeev Sen will no longer seek divorce

The news of Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen’s divorce was coming for a long time, both of them had also announced that they are separating, but now the couple has decided to save their broken relationship. Rajeev and Charu have decided to stay in their marriage for the sake of daughter Ziyana. After celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi together and welcoming Bappa home, Charu and Rajeev shared on Instagram that they have decided to stay in their marriage. After this post, the fans are congratulating both of them.

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Charu shared a picture with Rajeev and daughter and wrote- “Marriages are made in heaven but it is left for us to perform. Yes we went ahead and announced that we are ending our marriage. Our relationship was coming to an end. Divorce was an option we were considering and we won’t deny it… but we are now happy to announce that we have decided to save our marriage. We both have a beautiful daughter, Gianna. Blessed and we wish her the best of times as parents. Her upbringing and happiness is our number one priority.. We wish all our fans to always support us as a couple and never give up on us Would like to thank you for .. thank you all Charu and Rajeev for showering so much love to Ziana.”

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Charu and Rajiv celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi together

Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen’s marriage and divorce talks have been making headlines since the beginning of this year. The couple got married in June 2019 in Goa. Rajiv’s sister Sushmita Sen and her family attended their wedding. Charu shared a few pictures with her husband Rajeev Sen on Instagram and they celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi like a family. Since then the fans were amazed how the two were celebrating the festival together and now on the next day of Chaturthi, Rajeev and Charu have shared this good news with the fans.

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Meanwhile, rumors are doing the rounds that Rajeev and Charu may participate in Bigg Boss 16 together.

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