Sweater needs to be exposed to sunlight, note the date, Delhi-NCR including North India is going to get colder from this day- delhi ncr weather update imd report temperature soon down

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As soon as Diwali ends, winter arrives in North India. The cold is less in some area and more in some area. At present, if we talk about Delhi-NCR, it has started getting mildly cold here. By the way, the temperature in Delhi goes up to 3-4 degrees. Now you must be thinking that there is still time for this cold to come. No, now the temperature is going to decrease within three-four days. The Meteorological Department itself has given this information. The Meteorological Department (IMD) said that the maximum and minimum temperature may drop in Delhi-NCR in the next 3-4 days.

Relief from pollution in Delhi

According to the information, there was a slight decrease in the temperature on Tuesday. On the other hand, on Wednesday, the maximum and minimum temperature was around 28 degrees Celsius. Along with this, it is a matter of most relief that there has been a decrease in pollution since the last days. There has been a slight improvement in the winds. Talking about the Air Quality Index in Delhi, it came down to 294 on Monday and further reduced to 227 on Tuesday. The Meteorological Department said that winds are blowing in Delhi, due to which a reduction in pollution has been observed.

next week forecast

According to the Meteorological Department, at present it is cloudy at many places in Delhi-NCR. Further information suggests that the sky is going to remain clear till November 21. At the same time, from November 19, a lot of fog can increase in the morning. Apart from this, if we talk about Rajasthan, it has rained in the surrounding areas of Bikaner, due to which there has been a rapid change in the weather. Temperatures up to 10.07 have been recorded in Chittorgarh.

How will be the weather in Uttar Pradesh
In the capital of the state, the minimum temperature has been recorded at 14 degrees and the maximum temperature at 30 degrees. There was a lot of fog in the morning. Talking about Ghaziabad, a minimum temperature of 14 degrees Celsius was recorded here. The pollution level in Ghaziabad remained less than earlier. If we talk about the quality of the air here, AQI 146 has been recorded. That is, the condition of the air is fine.

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