T20 WC 2022 Pakistan international insult former PM Imran Khan did a blunder on twitter | Pakistan’s international insult, former PM Imran Khan did a blunder

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T20 WC 2022 PAK vs NZ Imran Khan Babar Azam: Pakistan team has entered the final of T20 World Cup 2022. Now the team will play the title match on November 13. Pakistan defeated New Zealand in the semifinals. After this there was an influx of people congratulating the Pakistani team. The former captain of the Pakistani cricket team and the former Prime Minister of Pakistan also congratulated him, but he made a big mistake. You cannot think of such a mistake from a big personality like Imran Khan. However, after a few minutes Imran Khan realized his mistake and deleted his tweet himself. After that tweeted again. Imran Khan also trolled a lot on social media regarding this and people also commented on it.

Imran Khan Tweet


Imran Khan Tweet

Imran Khan Tweet


Imran Khan Tweet

Imran Khan congratulates Babar Awan in place of Babar Azam

Former Pakistan Prime Minister and PTI President Imran Khan tried to congratulate captain Babar Azam on Pakistan’s win against New Zealand. But instead of tagging Babar Azam, Imran Khan mistakenly congratulated the leader Babar Awan on the victory. This tweet continued on social media for a long time. People kept commenting on it and also liking and sharing it, but Imran Khan did not know that he had made a big mistake. Thousands of likes and tweets have come on it. After this it is not known how Imran Khan came to his senses that he had made a mistake. After that he deleted it. But till then its screen shots were taken. That is, the tweet was removed, but people had saved it, which could not be removed. However, later Imran Khan made another tweet and this time congratulated Babar Azam, the captain, on the victory.

Pakistan won the One Day World Cup in the year 1992 under the captaincy of Imran Khan
Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Imran Khan has also given good wishes to Pakistan for victory in the final. Imran Khan while talking to the channel of Pakistan said that I believe that the Pakistani team has the ability to win the Insha Allah World Cup. He said the team can repeat 1992. Said that that year also we had defeated New Zealand in the semi-final and our final was with England. “The win has given the Green Shorts a big boost and we are now looking forward to the second team coming to the finals,” he said. Imran Khan said that I like my team and we can win the final. However, it has to be seen whether what Imran Khan has said is true or not.

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