T20 World Cup 2022 IND vs ENG: Semifinals Rohit Sharma cautious of Adelaide Oval shape and pitch | Rohit Sharma’s new raga, said this about Adelaide Oval before the semi-finals

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Rohit Sharma

IND vs ENG T20 World Cup 2022: The second semi-final match of the T20 World Cup between India and England will be played at the Adelaide Oval ground. This field located in the city of Adelaide is different than all other grounds in Australia. That is, while playing on this ground other than Melbourne and Sydney, especially the batsmen of both the teams will have to take special care of it. This is the reason why Indian captain Rohit Sharma has stressed on the need for the batsmen as well as the bowlers to change their thinking at the Adelaide Oval.

Rohit Sharma and Arshdeep Singh

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Rohit Sharma and Arshdeep Singh

Suspense prevails on the pitch to be met in Adelaide

Suspense remains on whether the previously used pitch will be selected or a new pitch for Thursday’s semi-final between India and England. The square boundaries of this ground are about 57-67 meters, while the straight boundaries are 79-88 meters long. India defeated Bangladesh by 5 runs at the same ground. On the other hand, England will play for the first time in this tournament at the Adelaide Oval, which can put India in a slightly better position.

It is necessary to match the length of the boundary of Adelaide – Rohit

Taking into account the dimensions of the Adelaide Oval, India captain Rohit Sharma said, “It is one of the challenges we have faced in this tournament. Usually when you play, like in UAE last year, the dimensions of the ground didn’t change much. ” But when we play here in Australia, of course some grounds have long boundaries, some grounds have short square boundaries. So you should adjust to it as soon as possible.”

Adelaide has short boundaries so high scoring matches take place here. Rohit said in the pre-match press conference that there have been talks with the team management on this. Rohit said, “Adelaide is a ground where again, you have to go back and understand what kind of strategy you want to use here because the last match we played in Melbourne, which was completely different. Now Adelaide, where the side boundaries will be a little shorter.”

Rohit further added, “The bowlers and the batsmen needed to adjust to it, but when we came to Adelaide it was completely different, and we understand that after playing a match here, we know what to do when. Is required.”

Rohit Sharma walking off the field vs Bangladesh

Image Source : PTI

Rohit Sharma walking off the field vs Bangladesh

Rohit’s all-out attack strategy didn’t work

So far in the T20 World Cup, Rohit has scored only 89 runs in five matches. He scored 53 runs against the Netherlands in Sydney and was dismissed in the powerplay in the remaining 4 matches. The hitman said that the drop in his batting was due to frequent changes in the pitch and boundaries.
He said, “I remember for many months I was talking about going to the field fearlessly and playing, but it has not been very good for us in this tournament, because looking at the conditions here, you can go to the field and swing. Want to play the ball better. You want to understand the conditions. The ball is swinging a little bit more than what we experienced last year.”

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