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Blind trust. Just two words, the meaning is very big. These two words are often used for those on whom a person trusts more than himself. There are two people in Indian cricket who were being blindly trusted for the last one year. Confident of bringing home the ICC trophy after 9 years. Confident of winning the T20 World Cup on Australian soil. By now you must have understood who we are talking about. But still let me tell you. Team India captain Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid are being targeted. The World Cup didn’t come, the trust was equally broken. Not only mine, but more than 100 crore cricket fans. Well, I would like to stop this saga of trust here and take you to a little flashback. So come….

The year was 2021 and the month was November. In the World Cup being played on UAE soil, the Indian team was eliminated in the Super-12 itself. Current captain Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri came under attack. Questions arose. Only on Kohli and Shastri. There were 14 players in the team along with mentor Mahendra Singh Dhoni. But Kohli and Shastri were thoroughly washed out. One thing that was very common among most of the questions was that when Rohit has won the IPL title five times, why was he not already chosen as the captain. From there, Kohli left the captaincy of the T20 team and Shastri took over his post as coach. Things changed. Captain changed and coach too. Now power came in the hands of Rohit and Dravid. It was from here that the blind trust on which I was talking for so long was born.

As soon as Rohit and Dravid came, the team started creating ruckus in T20 cricket. Made a record for most wins in a single go. Whichever team came in front of India in this format, everyone was beaten equally. Experiments continued to happen. 7 new captains were also found in a span of a few months. Even some such batsmen came in the team who were considered better than Virat. Now people’s trust was at its peak. Then comes the T20 World Cup. The team reached the semi-finals after somehow crossing the group stage. There England won by 10 wickets. Then? Then what, half the players came to their home and half reached New Zealand to get new confidence. The World Cup is next year too, isn’t it?

Had Virat-Surya relied on Virat-Surya to bring the World Cup?

Now let’s talk about what ‘good decisions’ were taken in the World Cup. Yuzvendra Chahal, who was being groomed for a whole year to perform amazingly in Australia, was shown on the bench for the entire World Cup. Despite knowing that Pakistan’s Shadab Khan and England’s Adil Rashid have been doing consistently well in this tournament, Rohit and Dravid didn’t listen to anyone. Chahal’s role was very simple throughout the World Cup. Sometimes in the middle of the match, he gave poses to the brother with the camera, and sometimes he took pleasure from the umpires.

Rohit and Dravid had no problem. Why would there be a problem, victory was already being achieved. Even though Virat and Surya were putting in a lot of effort, but at the time of winning, it would be about the whole team, wouldn’t it? Because unless the target is Virat, ‘cricket is a team game’.

Not only this, now listen more…

Apart from Dravid and Rohit, there was another person in the team who deserves equal praise. My name is KL Rahul. The role was simple. Go to the opening, make the match 19 overs. Bring the team back under pressure. Sir was also the Vice Captain of the team. Fans washed them a lot too. But even these fans will not be deterred by their antics. IPL will come next year. KL Sahab would score a lot of runs by playing more than half the ball in every match. Trends like #klisback will be seen on Twitter. He will also return to the team again. And people will forget all the past and then sit on trust.

Bilateral even Kohli was winning

So much happened within two months. Rohit, who brought five IPLs, could not do anything and so did Dravid, the ice cool coach. Now it is my turn to ask questions. What was uprooted by making Rohit the captain and Dravid the coach? Kohli-Shastri pair was also doing well in the bilateral series. That too in every format. But no, we are Kohli haters, our bread will not be digested until we take out four-five abuses for him. Half say that Kohli has too much attitude. So my brother, after turning 18, when a boy buys a KTM motorcycle, he doesn’t consider a human being as a human being, Virat has still hit 71 international hundreds. When did Virat’s aggressive approach harm the team? Rather, the Australian team which the whole world was afraid to play, Kohli brought them to the ground. What’s the problem then? Absolutely simple… ‘Je karega tarakki put hat ta milugi hi.’

World Cup over. Soon Team India may also get a new captain. Perhaps only Hardik Pandya should get this responsibility. And let us create ruckus in some more bilateral series in the coming times. Then there will be hope, blind faith and dreams of an ICC title. This is life, it will continue like this. Mine too, players too, fans too and Kohli haters too. Then eat, drink, enjoy friends…

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