Television actors from Rupali Ganguly to Jai Bhanushali do small jobs before becoming a star

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  • TV stars have done small jobs
  • Rupali Ganguly worked in boutiques and hotels
  • This actor had become a salesman

Television Actors Life: Every day many new faces enter the world of television, but only a few of them are successful in making their mark. Keeping up with the entry in the TV industry and getting into the hearts of the audience is also very difficult. After so much struggle, Rupali Ganguly is one of the most expensive actors of TV today. But do you know that she has also worked as a waitress at one time. Not only Rupali but Jai Bhanushali and Sunil Grover have also made a living by doing small jobs before stardom. ,

Rupali Ganguly did the work of waiter

Rupali Ganguly, the lead actress of the daily soap ‘Anupama’, who became the king of the TRP list, recently revealed that she has gone through a bad phase when her father’s film flopped. He told that he had also worked in places like boutiques and restaurants to support the family. Rupali told that once when she was working as a waitress in a party, her father had arrived as a guest.

Divyanka Tripathi is a rifle shooter

TV show ‘Yeh Hai Chahtein’ fame Divyanka Tripathi is also included in the industry’s highest paid actress. She was also trying to make a career somewhere else before joining the TV industry. Divyanka has tried her hand at rifle shooting before venturing into the acting world.

Varun Sobti has worked in call center

Actor Varun Sobti, who has earned a name in the TV and OTT world, has also struggled in life. Varun, who is known for his strong actor and handsome looks, had told that he had worked in a call center before getting work in the TV industry. Not only this, he has also worked as an operations manager for seven years.

Jai Bhanushali has sold shoes

TV Actor That famous host Jai Bhanushali is also one of the most liked actors of the TV world. Jai had told in an interview that before making his mark in the industry, he had done small jobs in many places. He told that one thing, he has also worked as a salesman in a shoe store.

Sunil Grover The RJ

Sunil Grover, who has made his place in the world of comedy and has proved himself as a serious actor in series like ‘Tandav’, has also tried his luck in many places before entering the industry. According to the information given by Sunil in a conversation, he worked as an RJ during the days of struggle.

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