The airhostess was killed due to the negligence of the doctors, the nephew complained and was found hanging in the hotel room the next day. The airhostess was killed due to the negligence of the doctors, the nephew and wa

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neglige of the doctors


  • Airhostess was treated by dentist instead of gynecologist
  • Main doctor reached hospital 4 hours late, girl died

Air Hostess Death Case: A gynecological problem treated by a dentist at a private hospital in Gurugram led to the death of an air hostess from Nagaland on June 24 last year. Later, the CBI started investigating the matter. On the instructions of the Union Home Ministry, the CBI registered a case against Dr. Anuj Bishnoi, Managing Director of Doctors-Alpha Health Care and Dentist Anjali Ashk. According to the CBI FIR, both have been booked under IPC section 304 (death by negligence).

Nephew suspected of medical negligence

A home ministry statement said Samuel Sangma, a relative of the deceased Rosie Sangma, had an altercation with doctors and other hospital staff as he suspected medical negligence in treatment. The next day on June 25, the Delhi Police received information about Samuel’s death in the national capital. The CBI, in its preliminary investigation findings, said that the gross negligence of the hospital and its doctors is also evident from the fact that the serious patient suffering from bleeding from the genitals was treated by a dentist who was not qualified for the same.

Doctor’s negligence was heavy

This preliminary investigation revealed that Rosie was admitted to the hospital on June 24 after severe bleeding and pain and Ashk was posted to look after her, while Bishnoi, the chief doctor, came four and a half hours later. Investigation revealed that Bishnoi was informed about Rosie’s critical condition, but he instructed the dentist Ashk to handle the case even though he had no experience in handling gynecological issues. At 10.45 pm, Bishnoi asked Roji’s relatives to bring blood from the blood bank as it was an emergency.

The doctor had written a letter to the police and told a fabricated story

By sending a letter to the station in-charge of Bijwasan, Bishnoi told that the patient died in critical condition. Later in another report, he told the police about suspected poisoning and conspiracy as the cause of death and also claimed that the treatment was not working for him. Bishnoi told that he was sent to the civil hospital for better treatment. The CBI said, “The said information was in the carbon copy, but the time of 1.30 pm was written in the original copy.” There was a mention of the time and to be referred at 12 noon. He was also mentioned about blood transfusion, other information including critical condition and referring him to a higher center, but in fact he was not “referred” for further treatment.

MP Agatha Sangma had complained to the Home Minister

Based on a complaint lodged by MP Agatha Sangma to Home Minister Amit Shah, the Home Ministry had last year directed the CBI to probe the mysterious deaths of Rosie and her nephew Samuel. Both were residents of Dimapur in Nagaland. In her letter to Shah, Agatha Sangma reported that Rosie had complained of some difficulties and was taken to the hospital for treatment, where she passed away.

The MP also wrote that Samuel had accused the hospital of medical negligence and lodged a complaint about the events leading up to his aunt’s death. The letter said, “The next day, Samuel was found hanging in his hotel room and the circumstances of his death raised suspicions of disturbances.” It appears, which requires a probe of the highest order to ascertain the truth as to how the two died.”

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