The biggest evil practice of Muslim religion is ‘Nikah Mutah’… what is this?

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Nikah Mutah is a kind of malpractice

Every religion has different practices and beliefs. But it is also true that there are many evil practices in religion itself. Which are used by conservative people to exploit the weaker section. Today we are going to talk about such a practice, which is no less than a curse for women. One such malpractice is Nikah Mutah, in which marriage is only a contract. For this reason it is also criticized a lot. This evil practice is prevalent in Islam. It is said that after triple talaq the Muslim women who are demanding a ban on it is nikah mutaah. The meaning of the word Mutah is pleasure, enjoyment or profit. In such a situation, this word itself raises questions on the purpose of a sacred relationship like marriage.

According to one report, temporary marriage or ‘Nikah Mutah’ is an ancient Islamic practice. This practice binds a man and a woman in marriage but only for a limited time. Thousands of years ago, men are said to have used this practice to keep their wives with them for short periods while traveling long distances. Reports suggest that Sunni Muslims do not observe Nikah Mutah, but it is allowed among Shias.

Critics say prostitution

A 2013 report spoke to young British Muslims who were following the practice. Senior British scholars and student groups reported that young British Shia use this practice to get to know their partner well before fully marrying him. Some critics say that the practice is a way of sleeping with someone before marriage. Some even call it ‘prostitution’.

Marriage has terms and conditions

According to a website, there are some mandatory conditions and rules of Nikah Mutah. For example, both the parties must be above 15 years of age, there is no restriction on the number of wives, consent of both the parties is mandatory, the period of royalty and dowry must be mentioned in the nikahnama, physical relationship between the two parties Can be made. The relationship shall be valid, the children born out of such marriage are lawful and have a right over the property of both the parents, the mutah wife cannot claim maintenance under personal law, talaq is not recognized under mutah nikah.

nothing short of a curse for women

There are also some reasons due to which a marriage can be annulled. For example, on the completion of the term of marriage, on the death of one of the parties. This malpractice only violates the rights of women. Even after the completion of the marriage period, the life of the woman does not become normal. He has to perform the ritual of iddat. The ritual of iddat lasts for four months and ten days, in which the woman has to live in solitude away from the shadow of the man. Only then is he considered eligible for remarriage.

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