The officer was stunned to see the principal’s English, you will not be able to stop laughing even knowing this. BDO was stunned to see the principal English you will not be able to stop laughing even after knowing

Many deficiencies were found during the inspection - India TV Hindi News

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Several deficiencies found during inspection

Questions are often raised about the poor education system in Bihar, whether it is about the system or the teachers. The news of poor system remains in discussion every day. A principal in Bihar is in a lot of discussion these days, let us tell you that he remains in the discussion due to his knowledge of Hindi, English and Maths. In fact, the Block Development Officer had come to inspect a school in Bihar. During the inspection, the officer noticed the principal’s office where ‘office’ was written as ‘Karyalal’. Seeing this, the officer asked some questions to check the knowledge of the principal, to which the officer himself was stunned.

Bhagalpur’s matter

Actually, this matter is of Bhagalpur district of Bihar. Where Navagachia BDO Gopal Krishnan had reached to investigate the primary school of Khairpur Kadwa of Kosi Par Panchayat of Navagachia. He checked the ongoing work in the Panchayat. Meanwhile, he also reached the school.

BDO Gopal Krishnan reached Chany Tola Khairpur Kadwa, where he asked the principal’s office about the wrongly written letter, on which the principal said that some child had written it by mistake. It will be rectified. After this, BDO Gopal Krishnan asked the Principal some questions of Maths. He asked to divide 50 by 2, but even after a lot of effort, the principal could not answer.

PON to Pawan, ORIG written to Orange

The next test of the Principal, who could not answer Maths questions, was done on the knowledge of English. In which the spelling of Orange was asked, then he told ORIG. Not only this, the limit was reached when he was asked his name and was asked to spell it in English. On which he called his name Pawan and told the spelling PON. After this, the officer took a fierce class of the principal.

The BDO, who reached the middle school, saw manure kept in a room and instructed to remove it immediately. He was also unhappy with the mid-day meal scheme in the school. Giving information to the journalists after the inspection, said that they will report against the disorder in the schools to the senior officials.

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