The process of stubble burning continues in Punjab, see the latest picture of Patiala The process of stubble burning continues in Punjab

Farmer burning stubble in Patiala - India TV Hindi News

Image Source : ANI
Farmer burning stubble in Patiala

Despite all the efforts, the work of stubble burning continues in Punjab. The latest picture is of Patiala in the state where people can be seen burning stubble. Earlier, a similar picture had come from Bathinda. Let us tell you, stubble has become a problem for the state government. Every effort is being made to stop this. Many officers have had to be suspended in the case, despite this the matter is not taking the name of stopping. Pollution is also increasing continuously due to stubble burning. Like every year, this year also this problem has not been solved. Now it is being said that this can be solved only by making the farmers aware.

Schemes for Stubble Management

Let us tell you, for stubble management, farmers have been asked to do two types of management. One is ‘in situ’ and the other is ‘ex situ’ stubble management scheme. Under this, farmers make straw by cutting the stubble with agricultural machinery. Then cut it in the same field and mix it.

Carbon particles increase in the environment

Due to burning of stubble, the air is continuously becoming poisonous. According to doctors, due to burning of stubble, carbon particles increase in the environment. Due to which the oxygen level in the environment decreases. Due to which people start having trouble in breathing. Along with this many other diseases also take birth.

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