The python was hung in the neck like a garland, it came to life, the son and friends made it free

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The dragon grabbed the man’s neck badly

Ranchi: In an attempt to hang the python like a garland, a person’s life came to an end. The dragon grabbed the man’s neck badly. Fortunately, the man’s son and his friends somehow freed him from the clutches of the python and saved his life. Event Jharkhand K Garhwa, whose video has gone viral on social media.

The man went fishing, the python got hugged

The incident happened on Wednesday evening. Birjalal Ram, a resident of Kitasoti Khurd village of Parihara Panchayat of Garhwa police station area, had gone to fish in the canal located near the village. It is not known whether the fish came in his hands or not, but seeing a dragon near the canal, he was badly caught in its clutches in an attempt to play with it. According to the villagers, Birjalal was under the influence of alcohol. He grabbed the dragon and hung it around his neck like a garland, but within a short time the dragon gripped his neck badly.

Freed from the possession of python after 15 minutes of struggle
When Birjalal pleaded to save his life, his son Ranjit and his two friends rushed to help. After a struggle of about 15 minutes, he was freed from the possession of the python. Birjalal has also suffered minor injuries and has been treated in the village itself.

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