The teacher died while teaching the children in the class, the whole school screamed. UP News sultanpur govt school teacher dies in classroom

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  • 32-year-old Shivpujan Gupta was working as an assistant teacher
  • While teaching the children, he suddenly started having severe chest pain.
  • There was uproar in the school after hearing the news of the teacher’s death.

UP News: of Uttar Pradesh sultanpur On Monday, a teacher died due to deteriorating health while teaching in a school in Baldi Rai area of ​​the district. The other teachers of the school are also shocked by the death while teaching the students. Hearing the news of the teacher’s death, there was an uproar in the school. From the students studying here to the teachers, they started crying bitterly, after which there was an inconsolable atmosphere in the campus.

Sharp pain started in chest while teaching

Let us inform that 32-year-old Shivpujan Gupta, assistant teacher in primary school Chakmusi of Baldi Rai block area, was teaching children on Monday, during which he suddenly started having severe chest pain. When his health deteriorated, his fellow teacher and village head Mohammad Kamal Khan took him to the local community health centre, where doctors declared him brought dead. As soon as the news of the death reached the house, there was a furore among the family members.

At the same time, due to the death of this young teacher, there was silence in their settlement and the women started crying in sorrow at home. Due to the information of Shivpujan Gupta’s death, there was a wave of mourning in the teachers’ society of the district. Shivpujan Gupta was appointed in 2016 on the post of assistant teacher. Police has sent the dead body for postmortem.

Teacher dies of heart attack in Jaunpur
Let me tell you that a similar case was made a few months back. jaunpur It came from the Madiyahun tehsil of the district. The teacher had died of a heart attack while teaching at the Auraila Primary School located here. Ajit Kumar Yadav was selected at the time of teacher recruitment in the year 2020-21. He got posting as assistant teacher in primary school Auraila, about 4 km from home.

He reached the school at 7:30 and was teaching the children at 9. Meanwhile, at 9:45, he had a slight pain in his stomach. He informed the other teachers of the school that his health was deteriorating, but by the time the medicine was arranged, he suddenly fell unconscious in the school premises itself. After this, he was immediately picked up and brought to the hospital for treatment, where the doctors confirmed his death.

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