The young man was playing with anaconda, the snake showed its color, the boy took this step-viral video young man was playing with anaconda

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If you are regularly active on social media, then you must have got to see strange videos. Sometimes such videos are found, watching which you will stand goosebumps. If you follow regular snake wrangler Nick on Instagram, you must have seen the variety of videos he shares. His video is very shocking. He shows different species of snakes in his videos. Just like this video in which he is shown handling an anaconda. Seeing the video, the common man must be scared, equal parts charming and scary, shows the snake lunging at it several times.

Anaconda attacked

“Having fun at it with a mischievous anaconda!” He posted and shared the video. The video begins in which the snake is seen wrapped in one of his arms. In this video you can clearly see how snake attacks many times. He is also seen saving himself. This video was shared a month ago. The video has quickly gone viral since it was posted. So far, the video has garnered over 49 million views and continues to grow. This share has also received a lot of comments from people. While some shared that the video scared them, some also argued that snakes should not be kept in cages and should be released in the wild.

returned to amazon
One Instagram user wrote. “Non’t lie bro, I’d leave it and run away,” wrote another, “Please drop him back at Amazon. He’s not a toy for your fun. While some users wrote that easy for you but common Dangerous for people so common people should not do it.

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