The young man who went to express love got injured.

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When someone falls in love, people find ways to propose him. In films too, we must see how heroes propose to heroines. They are also greatly influenced by them. The video of one such proposal is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Boyfriend does a stunt to propose his girlfriend but something happens with boyfriend that he is unable to impress the girl. This video is being widely shared on social media. Users are making strange memes.

accident due to proposal

Shared this video on Instagram with an account named @stylishalam_. You can clearly see in the video how the boy performs stunts to propose the girl but fails to perform the stunts. Next you will see in the video that soon he tries to do a risky stunt to impress a girl standing at a distance. After some time the boy loses his balance and falls off the motorcycle, leaving himself embarrassed in front of the girl.

Proposal will be remembered for life
The video was shared on 29 October and has since garnered over 19 million views and over 332k likes. As soon as this video went viral, people have made laughing comments on the post, due to which you too cannot stop laughing after watching it. One user has written that caution was taken and the accident happened. On the other hand, another user writes that it was a hobby to become a big hero, now it must have been a lot of fun. Apart from this, many people have made strange comments. One user writes that this proposal will be remembered for life.

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