Thieves stole from police station in Kanpur ran away with pistol cartridge Cleaned hands in the police station itself, ran away after blowing the police pistol-cartridge

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Kanpur News: A different shocking case of theft has come to light from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Here the thieves broke into the police station itself. Thieves are now giving a direct challenge to the policemen by stealing in the police station. The theft took place at Bidhnu police station in Kanpur. SP Outer Kanpur Tej Swaroop Singh said, “One pistol, 10 cartridges and 2 mobiles were stolen during the night, 3-4 officers have been suspended for negligence, investigation is on.”

25 lakh rupees stolen from Agra police station

Let us tell you that recently a case of theft was also reported in Jagdishpura police station of Agra. The news of the theft of Rs 25 lakh from the Malkhana of the police station had come to the fore. After the sensational incident of this theft, there was a stir in the police station. According to the information, Head Muharrir, who was on duty in the morning, had gone to drink tea. When he returned after drinking tea, he suspected it of theft. When the policeman investigated, his senses were blown away. During investigation, it was found that Rs 25 lakh kept in the malkhana was stolen.

When the policeman went to drink tea, the theft happened at the same time

Police force along with SP City reached the spot as soon as the news of theft was received in the police station. Dog squad and forensic team were also called to the spot. According to SP City (SP) Agra, the head of the police station, Moharrir had gone to drink tea, when he returned, he suspected theft. When he investigated, he came to know that Rs 25 lakh had been stolen from the malkhana of the police station.

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