This actress got cancer for the third time, wrote – Death is part of life

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Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda Golden Globe-winning actress Jane Fonda, who has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time, is feeling very strong in her battle against the disease. The 84-year-old actress announced in September that she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, reports FemaleFirst.UK, but is now “halfway” through “chemotherapy” and has treated it to “many others.” Easier than treatment options”.

death part of life

“I’m not losing my hair. I don’t vomit. The week I get chemo is tough, but after that I feel good. I feel so strong,” she said. She also finds time to exercise during her treatment days. “I have lived a good life. Death is part of life. I hope that I can be an example for young people, so that they do not fear getting old.”

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birthday next month

She said, “But you just have to take care of yourself, which I still do. Even on the days I get chemo, I still work out. It’s slow and not the same, but still, I I am moving forward and staying strong.” Female First UK said Jen would turn 85 next month, but she began her celebrations with a party in Atlanta.

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