This country has the highest crime rate in the world

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This country has the highest crime rate in the world.


  • This figure is less than in 2019
  • Most of the crime in the world happens in Venezuela of South America.
  • Theft and robbery are common here

Countries with the Highest Crime Rates: If you live in India, you must have heard every day that theft took place at this place, criminals shot a young man, took away someone’s peace. Every day this story happens around you. Today we will know how many numbers our country comes in terms of crime. Which country has the least crime and which country has the most crime? So let’s get you started.

Most of the crime in the world occurs in Venezuela in South America. That is, the cases of crime in this country are the highest in the whole world. In a report released in 2020, Venezuela’s crime index was 84.49 and the safety index was 15.51. The second number is Papua New Guinea where crime is more after Venezuela. Now you would like to know what is the number of India in this, at what number our country comes. Let us tell you that our country comes at number 68. According to NCRB, 3,06,389 cases were registered in 2021. This figure was lower than in 2019.

Venezuela and Crime

Crime is at its peak both in the capital Caracas and in the interior. If you have gone to visit this country and you become a victim of some crime then don’t expect justice. A very small percentage of crimes result in trial and conviction. Many times questions have also been raised on police action but no concrete result has come out of it. Locals allege that the police and criminals have a sixty nexus. The country has one of the top five murder rates per capita in the world. Theft and robbery are common here. Foreign nationals are abducted from homes, hotels, unauthorized taxis and airport terminals. That is, you understand that if you are planning to go here, then you should cancel, otherwise you can also become a victim of these incidents.

Where is the maximum crime in India?

Countries with the Highest Crime Rates

Image Source : India TV

Countries with the Highest Crime Rates

The population of India has reached around 130 crores. In a country with such a population, there are thousands of crimes every day, if some cases are registered, then statistics are made and those that are not registered are out of the figures. According to a report, Uttar Pradesh has the highest crime rate. Uttar Pradesh has the largest population in terms of population. However, now after the arrival of the Yogi government, the incidents of crime have come down significantly. Uttar Pradesh Police is now taking more vigilance than before.

Which state is ahead in rape cases?

Every day dozens of rape incidents are registered in India. Let us tell you that in the year 2019 and 2020, maximum rape cases have come from Rajasthan. The number of Uttar Pradesh comes on the second number. Most of the assaults, violence against women are recorded in Uttar Pradesh.

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