Thousands of Muslims took to the road against the posting of DM Sriram Venkataraman, removed by the Kerala government. Kerala News Alappuzha DM sriram venkitaraman transferred amid-muslims protests

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Sriram Venkitaraman


  • Muslim population is very high in Alappuzha district
  • Muslim organizations were opposing the appointment of this officer.
  • In view of the protest, the Kerala government took the decision back.

Kerala News: A shocking news has come out from Alappuzha, Kerala. Here the government withdrew the decision to appoint District Collector (DM) only because Muslim organizations were opposing the appointment of this officer. The Kerala government transferred IAS officer Sriram Venkataraman as the District Collector of Alappuzha earlier, but when Muslim organizations opposed it, the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan posted Sriram Venkataraman as General Manager, Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation.

Left parties joined the protest

The Muslim population is very high in Alappuzha district. Seeing the opposition of Muslim organizations, the Congress also started opposing the appointment of Sriram Venkataraman. After this the Left parties also joined the protest and finally Pinarayi Vijayan had to withdraw his decision.

Know why the opposition of the new DM is happening
The reason for Sriram Venkataraman’s protest was given that a criminal case was registered against him. In fact, in 2019, a journalist named KM Bashir was killed in a road accident. Investigation revealed that the car that hit Bashir was being driven by Sriram Venkataraman. There was opposition to this, but now the BJP is questioning the Kerala government regarding the transfer of the collector. Union Minister V Muraleedharan asked if a collector was removed on the demand of communal organisations, would the Kerala government continue to act under similar pressure.

VHP leader Surendra Jain directly targeted the Kerala government. Surendra Jain said that the Kerala government bowed before the jihadis. The government which has surrendered in front of jihadi power, the public will answer it. At the same time, CPM leader Elamaram Karim replied to V Muraleedharan. He said that whatever the Kerala government did, it did it respecting the public sentiment, there was no pressure behind it.

CM withdrew the decision in the wake of Muslim vote bank?
Whatever the Kerala government may say, but it is clearly visible that Pinarayi Vijayan withdrew his decision in the wake of the Muslim vote bank. The talk of withdrawing the transfer due to the accident case is not acceptable because this case is not new, it is of 2019 and it is not even that the Left Front government came to know about this case only yesterday.

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