Thousands of Twitter employees decided to quit after Elon Musk’s ultimatum


  • Musk placed the condition

  • Many people are leaving the company voluntarily

Hundreds of employees at the social media giant have reportedly decided to quit, a day after Elon Musk issued an ultimatum to his Twitter employees to “work long hours” or be fired. On Thursday afternoon, Twitter employees began posting the salute emoji, which has become a sign that someone is leaving the company. A Twitter employee said in a tweet that deciding to join the company was “one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. The decision to leave today was 100% the opposite.”

Many people are leaving the company voluntarily
For this, a survey was conducted on a workplace app named Blind. The app verifies employees via their work email addresses and allows them to share information anonymously. Of the 180 people surveyed, 42% “choose to opt out and say, “I am free.” According to a Reuters report, several current and former employees at Twitter also joined a new group called “voluntary layoffs”, where blue heart and salute emoji flooded its internal chatrooms.

Musk placed the condition
Early Wednesday, Musk emailed Twitter employees, saying, “Going forward, to build a successful Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world, we will need to be extremely tough.” The email asked employees to click “yes” if they wanted to stick around. to which he did not respond until 5 p.m. Eastern time, more than two dozen Twitter employees in the United States and Europe had announced their departures in public Twitter posts reviewed by Reuters. However, each resignation could not be independently verified.

It is not clear, however, how many employees have opted to stay on involuntarily. Where Musk has been quick to sack half his employees, including top management, and is ruthlessly changing the culture to emphasize long hours. Previously, the company had instructed its employees that they would receive an “offer of severance in lieu of a separation agreement” if they failed to agree to the proposed terms and support Musk’s vision of “Twitter 2.0”. .

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