Today History In the year 2012 the electricity of 7 states was shut down know the reason

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Power Cut


  • Electricity suddenly disappeared on 30 July 2012
  • About 36 crore people were affected by this
  • Black out due to northern grid failure

Today History: Today the date is 30th July. It’s a normal day. But 10 years ago today this day was not normal. A very big incident had happened in the country. There was a power cut on this day. Now you will say that there was a power cut, so how did this big incident happen? It used to happen everyday and still is. Governments claim 24 hours electricity but the cut is tremendous. But this big incident on that day was because on July 30, 2012, suddenly the power went out at 2.30 pm. This electricity was done simultaneously to seven states of the whole of North India. Now tell me whether this is a big deal or not. Imagine that there is no electricity in the states along with the country. What would have happened? How could people who cannot live without electricity for 1 minute have lived during that time?

In fact, on July 30, 2012, 360 million people were affected due to simultaneous power outages in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh due to a fault in the northern grid. Due to the power failure, many trains had to be stopped mid-way and the metro service in the capital Delhi came to a standstill. Delhi’s speed came to a halt due to non-operation of metro. People could not go to their offices. At that time, there used to be an inverter in selected houses, that too was down. There was an outcry all around. That day the impact of our dependence on electricity was felt on such a large scale for the first time.

Power Cut

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Power Cut

Black out happened due to grid failure

The failure of the northern grid was said to be the reason for the darkness spread across northern India. A Standing Committee of the Electricity Department had also issued a report in this regard. According to which, many reasons were given behind the power failure. According to the report, due to lack of ‘grid discipline’, there was a blackout on such a large scale. The report revealed that abnormal distribution of electricity also caused the power cut. Because in some states 24 hours electricity was being provided. The load was increasing due to this. The grid suddenly failed due to over-delivering of power.

According to the report of the committee, the account of how much electricity is to be supplied at which place is kept. But during the year 2012, this situation arose due to no audit of electricity. It also caused a loss of 48,000 MW. The reason for the power cut on such a large scale was the non-working of all the stations. It is said that only four sub-stations were working during the power failure. It was overloaded. Due to which the grid failed. Apart from this, the committee believed that a major reason for the black out was the weak inter-regional corridor. According to the report, the loss of 400 kV power on the Agra link was already a burden. In such a situation, the pressure of additional power supply had aggravated the problem.

Power Cut

Image Source : PIXABAY

Power Cut

Never before had there been a power cut on such a large scale in the country. People were badly upset by this power cut. Trains were stopped on the way. Delhi Metro was kept completely closed. Which had a direct effect on the roads of Delhi and there was a jam at many places.

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