Today is the day of the big decision in the Gyanvapi case, what will be the court’s stand on the 4 demands of the Hindu side? Gyanvapi case varanasi court today verdict on worship of shivling and ban of muslims entry in premises

Court to pronounce verdict on Hindu side's petition in Gyanvapi case today - India TV Hindi News

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Court will pronounce verdict on the petition of Hindu side in Gyanvapi case today

Gyanvapi Case: Today is the day of big judgment in Gyanvapi case. All eyes are on the district court of Varanasi. The court will give its verdict on the petition of the Hindu side today. In the Gyanvapi case, a decision may come today on the petition filed by Kiran Singh Bisen, wife of Vishwa Vaidik Sanatan Sangh chief Jitendra Singh Bisen. Four points have been raised in this petition, in which it has been said that regular food should be arranged for Adi Vishweshwar, because the Shivling has appeared, so that place should be completely handed over to the Hindus. Also, the entry of non-Hindus should be barred and the disputed structure above the temple should be removed.

Fast Track Court Civil Judge Senior Division can pronounce the verdict on this petition. Today it will be decided whether this petition is worth hearing or not, as the Anjuman Inzamiya Committee has argued against it. Even before this, the decision was to come on two dates, but it did not come both times. Now a decision on this can come at around 2:00 in the afternoon.

What is demanded in the petition?

first demand

Immediately the regular worship of Lord Adi Vishweshwar Shambhu should be started.

second demand
Entry of Muslims should be banned in Gyanvapi campus.

third demand
The entire Gyanvapi complex should be given to the Hindus.

fourth demand
The disputed structure above the temple should be removed.

It is worth noting that the arguments of both the parties have been completed in the court regarding this matter. The court has to decide today whether the matter is worth hearing or not. On November 11, the Supreme Court extended its earlier order for the protection of the area where the Shivling was found in the Gyanvapi Masjid premises during a survey. At the same time, during the last hearing, the Varanasi court had refused to allow scientific examination of the Shivling.

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