Turkey had refused to give drones, now India is preparing for indigenous drone Tapas-BH-201, know the specialty


  • Turkey’s dangerous Bayraktar TB2 drone refused to be delivered to India

  • Tapas Drone can be used in all types of Armed Missions

The specialty of Turkey’s dangerous Bayraktar TB2 drone used in the Russo-Ukraine war has convinced many countries. So many countries showed their interest in its purchase, but Turkey refused to sell its Bayraktar TB2 drone to India. While giving importance to Pakistan over India, Turkey made a deal of drones with it. However, India has directly expressed that it is not interested in anyone. It is not going to depend on drones of other countries. And now India is busy preparing its indigenous drones. Which has been named TAPAS-BH-201 (Tactical Airborne Platform-Beyond Horizon-201).

Features of Tapas-BH-201 Drone

The Indian drone Tapas-BH-201 is not only bigger in length than Turkey’s TB2 drone, but also faster in speed. Along with this, India’s Tapas drone can be controlled comfortably at a higher altitude than the Turkish drone. Comparing the two, the TAPAS-BH-201 drone is 9.5 meters long and 20.6 meters wide. Its weight is around 1800 kg and it can generate from 130 to 180 hp power. On the other hand, if we talk about the top speed of Tapas, then it can fly at a speed of 224 kilometers per hour. Along with this, Tapas can last for 24 hours at an altitude of 35 thousand feet. While its range is about 1000 km.

Turkey’s TB2 Drone

On the other hand, the Turkish killer Bayraktar TB2 Drone has a range of 4 thousand kilometers to control. Its engine is 105 hp. It can stay in the air for 27 hours after take off. Talking about the speed, it can fly at a speed of 130 kmph to 222 kmph.

Bayraktar TB2 Drone

India’s befitting reply

Let us tell you that this advanced Tapas drone of India can be used for all types of armed missions and surveillance. No to India and yes to Pakistan is not going to have much effect on Turkey’s drone deal. India has clearly shown to Turkey that it is capable of making its own drone. It is already in a strong position in terms of security equipment and is strengthening itself even more by collaborating with many countries.

Drone industry reached from 80 crores to 900 crores

Talking about India, till the last few years, India was not making much progress in drone manufacturing. Most of India’s drones were being supplied from China itself. But in the last 3 years only a lot of difference has been seen. Within three years, India’s drone industry has grown from 800 crores to 900 crores.

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