Twitter Lays Off: Elon Musk fired another employee…but why? Know why – Elon Musk fired another employee via tweet


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Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk fired another team member after Twitter laid off 50 percent of its workforce and thousands of contractors. Musk fired an Android app developer from the team.

The person who has been fired by Musk is Eric Frohnhofer and he was working as an Android developer. The debate between the two started when Musk tweeted and apologized to those countries of the world for being super slow on Twitter. Also wrote for that person – You are fired. Later, Eric cited Musk’s tweet and wrote, “I’ve spent 6 years working on Twitter for Android and all I can say is that’s wrong.”

Twitter question and answer
In response, Musk wrote, “So please correct me. What is the correct number?” He asked Eric, “Twitter is super slow on Android. What have you done to fix it? After this, people started reacting to this conversation, one user said, “I have been a developer for the last 20 years and my company Such things should not be done in public with the boss. You could also use e-mail or other methods for this. A user asked Musk- You might not want to work with a person with this kind of attitude. In response, Musk wrote – He has been fired.

Musk’s other decisions
Eric’s removal was confirmed when he uploaded an image of his locked account in a tweet and wrote, “Looks like it’s official now.” Since Twitter’s acquisition, Musk has replaced CEO Parag Agarwal, Chief Financial Officer Ned Legal and even the Board of Directors have fired many employees of the company. He took many decisions affecting the functioning of Twitter with millions of users.

The biggest change that is being seen on Twitter so far is that the user will have to spend Rs 719 per month for Blue Tick. However, Musk’s decision to implement the blue tick fee did not go down well with many. Even some advertisers pulled out of the site.

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