Twitter News Now you will see blue bird like this the company is going to make these big changes

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  • Now you will see this twitter
  • The company is going to make these big changes in the blue bird
  • Feature leaked before launch

Twitter News: Twitter is ready to advance itself. Soon she is going to make such big changes in her social media platform that you will see Twitter giving competition to Facebook and Instagram. Twitter is now working on videos, photos and GIFs like more social apps. If successful here, Twitter users will be able to use these three things simultaneously. Also, you will be able to tag people in photos and videos. However, at the moment these features will be able to use only a few selected users. Twitter has not given any answer on when all users will use it.

what twitter said

Twitter said in a statement on the whole matter, “We are testing the new feature on a select few accounts. Our new feature will help bring together the four media assets. With this we can all the assets together in a single tweet. can add.’ If this test is successful, then Twitter will become even more advanced like Instagram and Facebook and it is expected that this will increase the users of Twitter as well.

The company is emphasizing on visual conversation

Twitter wants it to put more emphasis on visual conversation. This is the reason why he is working on photos, videos and GIFs. All these three things will make the conversation on the platform even better. Till now you could write only 280 words on Twitter, but if you are allowed to use photos, videos and GIFs along with it then you will be able to explain your point better. Earlier, Twitter has said that it is also working on a new status feature, which will also allow users to tag messages with pre-defined labels.

Feature leaked before launch

So far, Twitter has not officially told what this feature will look like. But some people have shared a tweet on social media and told how Twitter will look after the changes. A user has also attached GIF along with photos, videos in his post.

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