Twitter said our business will be closed blue bird is upset with the blocking orders given by the central government

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  • Blue bird is troubled by the blocking orders given by the central government
  • Said ‘Our business will be closed’
  • Petition filed in Karnataka High Court

Twitter: The worldwide popular social media platform Twitter is troubled by the blocking orders being given by the central government these days. His trouble has increased so much that now he has to say that his business will be closed. In fact, on Tuesday, Twitter’s lawyer in the Karnataka High Court said that its entire business may be closed due to the blocking orders given by the central government. In the hearing of his petition against the orders of the Central Government, the counsel for Twitter said that the government has not yet told us why it wants to shut down certain Twitter accounts. Because according to the IT Rules 2009 it is necessary to state the reason for this.

Government wants closed-door hearing

On this petition, the Central Government has requested the High Court that the hearing of the court should be held in-camera and only those who are related to this matter should be allowed to attend this hearing, no one else should be allowed to attend this hearing. Whereas the High Court has asked Twitter to provide the full list of all the orders given by the government to the court in a sealed cover.

Twitter is running in loss

Twitter’s revenue declined during the April-June 2022 quarter. The company has suffered a loss of 270 million i.e. $ 270 million. This figure is worse than industry analysts’ estimates. The social media company reported a loss of $270 million or eight per cent per share in the April-June 2022 quarter, according to a FactSet survey. While ‘Wall Street’ expected the company’s stock to rise by 14 percent.

Inflation has driven down ad spend and had a huge impact on Twitter’s quarterly revenue. This reduced the company’s revenue by one percent to $1.18 billion. At the same time, the number of daily active users of the company has increased by 16.6 percent to 237.8 million compared to the same period a year ago.

blamed Elon Musk for the loss

Twitter said it reported a net loss of $270 million in the second quarter (Q2), mainly due to uncertainty related to the pending acquisition by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which has adversely affected its advertising business. Musk has ended a $44 billion Twitter deal over the presence of bots on the platform and Twitter has sued him to cancel the deal, with a US court hearing set for October.

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