Two more bodies found in Mizoram stone mine collapse accident, 10 deaths confirmed so far, search continues for others

Stone mine collapses in Mizoram - India TV Hindi News

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Stone mine collapses in Mizoram

Two more bodies were recovered from the debris of a stone quarry that collapsed in southern Mizoram’s Hanhthiyal district on Monday, taking the death toll in the incident to 10. An official said on Wednesday that the dead included five workers from West Bengal, two each from Jharkhand and Assam and one laborer from Mizoram’s Lunglei district. A total of 12 people working there had gone missing after a stone quarry caved in at Moudarh village, about 23 km from Hanthiyal town, on Monday. R Lalremsanga, district deputy commissioner of Hanhathiyal, said, “Two more bodies have been recovered from the debris after an intensive search operation on Tuesday night. With this, 10 of the total 12 people buried under the debris of the stone quarry have been traced.

Still two workers missing, search continues

He said that two laborers are still missing and their search is on. These workers are residents of Mizoram and Assam. Hanhathiyal Superintendent of Police Vineet Kumar said that a total of 13 workers were working in the stone quarry when the landslide occurred. However, one of them managed to get out, while 12 others got trapped in the debris. Eyewitnesses claimed that the workers had dug too deep, causing the stone quarry to collapse.

area affected by landslide

Lalremsanga said that five excavators, a stone crusher and a drilling machine were also completely buried in the debris. He said the area affected by the landslide is around 5,000 square metres. This stone quarry is owned by ABCI Infrastructure Private Limited. Of the 12 missing, four were employees of ABCI Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, while eight others worked with a contractor.

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