Typo made rich, $ 10 million was transferred to the woman’s account instead of $100, bought a luxurious house – 10 million dollars were transferred to the woman’s account instead of 100 dollars bought a luxurious house


  • woman has spent a lot of money

  • Woman gifts expensive house to sister

Whenever the above person gives, you will remember the lyrics of this song of Deta Chhapar Phad. This has actually happened to a woman living in Melbourne. Instead of 100 dollars in this woman’s account, 10 million dollars have come by mistake. After which this woman is now going to buy the house.

typo did the trick
In fact, the cryptocurrency company Super Bowl hired a woman named Thevamanogiri Manivel for one of its commercials last year. Due to a typo, crypto.com transferred 10.5 million to Maniwell instead of $100. According to reports, this transfer took place in May last year. That is, it has been 7 months since this transaction. The mistake was realized only in December 2021 while auditing the crypto exchange firm.

woman has spent a lot of money
But by then Manivel had spent a lot of money from that. After receiving the money, Manivel distributed the money among six others, including his daughter and sister. Crypto.com sued Maniwell and six others who received the money. According to documents filed in court, he mistakenly transferred $10,474,143 to Maniwell.

Woman gifts expensive house to sister
Instead of reporting the wrong return to the exchange, the woman gifted her sister, Thilgawati Gangadori, a large villa with the money. The price of this luxurious 4 BHK house is $ 1.35 million.

Court ordered to return the money with interest
The Victorian Supreme Court on Friday ordered Maniwell to return the money to the exchange with interest—which amounts to $27,269.64, the New York Post reported. The court has given strict orders to Manivel to sell the house and return the money to the crypto exchange company.

The woman’s account was sealed in February
The company had filed court papers in February and Manivel’s accounts were sealed, however, by then most of the money had been remitted to Gangadori and the other five people. At present, Manivel’s lawyers told Crypto.com that Gangadori is considering all legal options available to them.

The company itself can auction the house
If Gangadori does not sell her properties herself, Cypto.com will appoint a receiver to arrange the auction and recover her money from the proceeds. At the same time, even if the court’s decision is not accepted, it can cause trouble for both the sisters. The court has also directed Gangadori to pay the cost of proceedings taken by crypto.com.

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