Ulema angry with Indian Idol fame Farmani Naaz, who sang Shiv Bhajan, said – ‘It is against Shariat’, Singer gave this answer

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UP News: Muslim fundamentalists have now started questioning the music artists as well. The latest case is of the displeasure of Muslim fundamentalists against a famous singer of Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. YouTube singer Farmani Naaz, a resident of Muzaffarnagar district of UP, has come under controversy for singing Shiv Bhajan. The ulema of Deoband got angry about his Shiva hymn ‘Har Har Shambhu’ and said that Farmani should get away from it. Farmani Naaz has launched the Shiv Bhajan Har-Har Shambhu…Shiva Mahadev on YouTube in Sawan. Millions of people have seen and heard it.

The Ulema of Deoband said that music of any kind is against Islam.

Kanwar Yatra is going on in the country these days. In such a situation, YouTube singer Farmani Naaz has sung the hymn ‘Har Har Shambhu’ in the midst of the Kanwar Yatra. Fanatics have objected to this song of his. While giving advice to Farmani Naaz, Deobandi Ulema said that no song should be sung in Islam, it is against Islam. So Farmani should get away from it.

‘Artist has no religion’, says Farmani

On this matter, Singer Farmani said that he is an artist, so he has to sing all kinds of songs. Farmani Naaz said that the artist has no religion, so she sings devotional songs along with qawwali. Naaz made it clear that she does not care for the opposition of the Ulema or anyone else for this. Farmani told the media that the artist does not perform his art by seeing Hindu-Muslim.

Government has also honored my daughter, also helped: Farmani’s mother

Farmani’s mother said on this matter that the daughter sang a song in the Kanwar Yatra. People always object that a Muslim girl is singing a song. But he has to sing all kinds of songs. She will have to do everything for employment, to raise children. She also sings bhajans and also qawwali. Those people are not liking this thing, that’s why they are talking like this. Regarding Farmani, the mother said that this is how she raises her children. Farmani’s mother said that her daughter has also received an award from the government. Minister Sanjeev Balyan also honored our daughter. Also helped for the medical treatment of Farmani’s daughter.

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