UNSC India ready to attack terrorism will host in the United Nations Security Council

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  • India ready to attack terrorism
  • to host in the United Nations Security Council
  • India to chair UNSC’s Anti-Terrorism Committee

UNSC: India will host a special meeting of diplomats from 15 countries of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on 29 October against terrorism. India’s two-year term as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council is set to end in December this year. In December, the country will also chair this powerful body of the United Nations. India will chair the Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee for 2022 and host a special meeting of diplomats from 15 UN Security Council countries, including the US, China and Russia, in October against terrorism.

These countries are included in the current members of the Security Council

The current members of the Security Council include Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Norway and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as well as the five permanent members China, France, Russia, the UK and the US. According to the information available on the committee’s website, “Keeping in view the threat posed by the misuse of new and emerging technologies, the Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) of the United Nations Security Council, on 29 October 2022 in its Executive Council in India on the subject It has been decided to organize a special meeting in collaboration with the Directorate (CTED).

As per information available on the website, the special meeting will focus on three key areas where emerging technologies are developing rapidly. Discussed the increasing use (including security and counter-terrorism purposes) by member states and the growing threat of its use for terrorist acts, i.e. Internet and social media, financing of terrorism, and its use in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) Will go

Ruchira Kamboj takes charge as India’s first permanent woman envoy to UN

Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj, who took over as India’s first woman Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said she is looking forward to a constructive tenure that extends to the rest of the country’s UN Security Council and its tenure. Even after that, India’s national priorities were able to take the form of a multilateral framework. Kamboj, 58, handed over his identity card to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday. She is an Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer of 1987 batch and has served as India’s Ambassador to Bhutan. She was appointed as the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations Headquarters in June. He has replaced Ambassador TS Tirumurti.

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