UP News Ban on going to mall and park wearing dress during school time these orders issued State Commission for Protection of Child Right. Going to the mall and park by wearing a dress in school time is now banned

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School Students


  • Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights issued order
  • Commission issued order to DM of districts
  • Many instructions given to the district magistrates in the order

UP News: Remember your school time. He used to bunk class many times. There will hardly be anyone who has not bunked the class. Sometimes the mass used to be bunked. But even in that there were 1-2 students who used to reach the class with mass bunk and spoil the plan of mass bunk. After bunking the mass, the children used to go to the nearby market many times and used to make a quartet there. But today the time has changed. Malls and parks have now been built in cities. Now you will often see school students there. Students who left home in the name of school sometimes go to malls and parks. But now it will be difficult.

In Uttar Pradesh, the Uttar Pradesh State Child Rights Protection Commission is going to take strict steps against students who go to malls, restaurants, malls and public places by bunking classes. An order has been issued by the Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights to all the District Magistrates. It has been said in this order that no student should be admitted in school uniform at various public places during school hours. This restriction imposed by the commission will be applicable to the students up to class 12th.

Commission issued this order

Dr. Suchita Choudhary, member of the Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, has demanded a ban on the entry of children in school clothes in parks, malls and other public places during school or college time. Issuing a letter, he has written that, “It has been told to all the District Magistrates of Uttar Pradesh that it has come to the notice of the Commission that the students studying in the school during the school hours by visiting public places like parks, malls, restaurants etc. In such a circumstance, there is a possibility of an unpleasant incident.

He wrote that for this reason all the District Magistrates are expected to ban the entry of students in uniform during school time in all the public places of their district. On behalf of the Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, an order has been issued to the DMs of all the districts to take action on this order and provide a report within a week.

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