UP News Electricity has become cheaper in Uttar Pradesh from today know how much your bill will come now. Electricity became cheaper in Uttar Pradesh, know how much your bill will come now?

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  • New rates for rural and urban areas are applicable from today
  • The government had announced on 23 July
  • Additional relief will be given to BPL families

UP News: The Uttar Pradesh government had decided to provide relief to the residents of the state in the era of rising inflation. The state government had announced to make electricity rates cheaper on July 23 last month. These rates have come into effect from today in the state. After which the electricity bill of the residents of Uttar Pradesh will start coming down a bit.

According to the new rates announced by the state government, for spending more than 300 units of electricity, a maximum charge of Rs 6.50 per unit will have to be paid. The government has withdrawn the slab of Rs 7. At the same time, the maximum rate of domestic electricity will be Rs 6.50 per unit. Due to which the electricity bill of domestic consumers using less than 100 and more than 500 units of electricity will come down.

Relief given to BPL families

As per the new rates implemented by the government, electricity consumption above 300 units will be charged at a maximum rate of Rs 6.50. Electricity from 151 to 300 units will be available at Rs 6, 101 to 150 units at the rate of Rs 5.50 per unit. Domestic BPL electricity will be available at the rate of Rs 3 per unit. BPL families will now have to bill only Rs 3 per unit for 100 units. Earlier it was Rs 3.35.

In the new rates released by the government, different slabs have been kept for rural and urban areas. While the highest rate has been kept at Rs 5.50 in rural areas, the highest rate has been kept at Rs 6.50 per unit in urban areas.

new rates for rural areas

0 to 100 units of electricity Rs 3.35 per unit

Rs 3.85 per unit from 101 to 150 units
Rs.5 5 per unit from 151 to 300 units
Rate of Rs. 5.50 per unit above 300 units

new rates for urban areas

5.50 from 0 to 150 units. per unit
5.50 from 151 to 300 units. per unit
151 to 300 units 6.00 Rs. per unit
Above 300 units Rs 6.50 per unit

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