UP News mathura teacher crossed the path by getting the students to build a bridge of chairs video viral. When the school filled with water, the teacher crossed the path by making a bridge of chairs from the students, VIDEO Viral

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mathura teacher viral video

UP News: A surprising case has come to light from Mathura district of UP. A video of Daghenta, a primary school here, has gone viral, in which female teachers are making bridges of chairs for students to cross waterlogged areas. The teacher has been suspended after the video went viral. This case is of a school in Baldev area of ​​Mathura district (Mathura News). Here the female teacher made a bridge of chairs in the school, so that the clothes should not be spoiled, and then crossed the waterlogging by putting her feet on it.

The name of the female teacher is being told as Pallavi. It is seen in the video that during the time she is crossing the waterlogged, poor innocent children are setting chairs in the water. According to the information received, the school was full of water and the teacher was facing problem in leaving the school during the holiday. He was afraid of getting his clothes dirty. In such a situation, the teacher installed chairs in the water filled with children and then went out on top of it.

criticism on social media

As soon as the video of this case went viral on social media, people started criticizing the teacher. People were saying that despite being a teacher, why did a woman not feel pity for her children? After all, do innocent children come to school because they set up chairs for the teachers?

Basic education department suspended the teacher

The Basic Education Department of UP has taken this matter seriously. The department has suspended the teacher as guilty in this case and ordered an inquiry.

Shocking video of teacher also came from Hardoi, UP

Similarly, a video of a teacher from Hardoi in UP has also gone viral. In this video, the teacher is seen pressing his hands with the children. It is seen in the video that the female teacher is sitting on a chair and a child is standing next to her, who is pressing her hands. During this, the teacher is seen drinking water comfortably and showing anger to the children. According to media reports, even after this video surfaced, strict action has been taken against the female teacher.

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