UP News: Policemen saved drowning devotees by playing on their lives, honored. UP News Siddharthnagar Policemen saved drowning devotees, honored

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  • On the first Monday of Sawan, the youth had gone to fill water in the Rapti river.
  • Due to slipping of feet while filling the water, went into the depth of the river
  • Policemen on duty saved both of them by playing on their lives

UP News: In Siddharthnagar district of Uttar Pradesh Monsoon On the first Monday, after taking a bath in the Rapti river, two youths who were drowning while filling water were saved by the police. Constables Sandeep Yadav and Chandan Singh on duty had saved the lives of the drowning youths. To encourage them and motivate other policemen, the officers of Police Headquarters today honored both the constables.

Without caring for their lives, the policemen jumped in the river

Please note that the incident happened on July 18. 18-year-old Suraj and 22-year-old Dharampal, who went to fill water on the Rapti bank, went into the depths of the river due to slipping while filling the water and on seeing it started going towards the pool. During that time, the youths made a noise and pleaded to be saved, hearing which the constables Sandeep Yadav and Chandan Singh, who were on duty, jumped into the river running on the spate without caring for their lives. Due to his skillful swimming and bravery, he rescued the two youths and brought them to shore. After this both the youths were taken to the nearest hospital.

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Seeing this incident, the crowd gathered there praised the constable’s courage and courage. Today these brave constables were honored at the Police Headquarters.

Police has so far saved dozens of Kanwariyas
At the same time, let us tell you that it started from July 14. kanwar yatra So far, dozens of Kanwariyas have been rescued by the police. On July 21 also, five kanwariyas of Ghaziabad were washed away while bathing in the Ganges at Kangra Ghat and on July 20, a woman Kanwariya of Bijnor, who drowned near Gau Ghat, was safely rescued by the police.

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