UP News Student took mobile to school where principal scolded him after which he committed suicide in uttar pradesh

Student committed suicide- India TV Hindi News
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Student committed suicide


  • The incident happened in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
  • 9th class student was deceased
  • Accidentally took mobile to school – sister

UP News: Mobile is a testament to modernity. But can you imagine that this mobile can kill someone? That too just because a student takes it with him to school. No, but it has happened. In Varanasi, a student took a mobile to school and after that something happened that the student committed suicide.

The case is of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Mayank, a student of Sir Govardhanpura, Varanasi, was a class 9 student. One day he took the mobile with him by mistake. The librarian saw him with his mobile. After which the librarian took him to the principal. Where the principal scolded him and ordered him not to come to school for a week. Meanwhile, the student kept crying and pleading with a promise not to make the mistake again, but the principal did not budge. On the contrary, she started insulting her fiercely in front of her parents. After which the student came home and made a noose and committed suicide.

Student harassed in front of parents

Regarding the whole incident, Santosh Kumar Yadav, father of the deceased Mayank, alleged that his son, who was studying in class 9th, had mistakenly taken a mobile to school on July 27. After this the Assistant Principal called him to the office and reprimanded him. After this, instructing the child not to give mobile in future, he told to send it to his wife. The father of the deceased alleged that when his wife went to school, the accused principal harassed Mayank in front of his mother. Mayank cried a lot in front of his mother. He also apologized to the assistant principal several times. But they did not listen to him and issued a decree for Mayank not to come to school for a week. Hurt by this, Mayank committed suicide by hanging himself at home.

Accidentally took mobile – Sister

The deceased’s sister Tanisha told that, he never used to take mobile to school. But on July 27, in a hurry to go to school, he accidentally left the mobile in his pocket. Tanisha told that, during the lunch break, he came to me and said, Didi by mistake, I have brought the mobile, you keep it. Tanisha said that my bag will be checked in class, so you keep it close with you. Meanwhile, a dispute broke out in the school library. Mayank started making videos there from mobile. During this, the librarian caught him and took two slaps to the assistant principal. After which the whole incident happened and Mayank committed suicide by hanging himself at home.

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