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In the elections of 5 states including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, even though the candidates are trying for digital campaign, but this is not enough. If you see a leader’s speech or campaign on social media, he may come to your door the very next day and threaten him. This is being called the physical strategy of leaders mixing digital and physical. In the Corona era, social media has emerged as the biggest medium of publicity for the leaders, but even now the candidates are considering physical campaigning as better for themselves. This is the reason why public relations are being done on behalf of the candidates with some of their supporters from the city to the village.

The campaign for the first round of Uttar Pradesh is currently intensifying and the same strategy is being seen here. Leaders say that door-to-door campaigns create personal connect with voters, which is very important for elections. The Election Commission has banned rallies, street meetings and road shows till January 22. Not only this, it is believed that this ban will be extended further. The reason for this is that the cases of corona are continuously increasing. On Thursday, the number of new cases increased rapidly and crossed 3 lakhs and in a single day there have been close to 400 deaths.

Giving information about physical visit through social media

Meanwhile, the election candidates have adopted the strategy of campaigning by going to the localities. The leaders believe that through this they are reaching every village and every colony. Apart from this, he is able to meet people personally. On one hand they are fighting the battle of perception on social media, while on the other they are trying to establish connect with voters through physical campaigns. Many leaders said that people are getting a big impact on the way voters reach their homes in private. Not only this, information is also being given to the people through Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram from the leaders about where they will visit on which day.

Physical campaign is also necessary to fill enthusiasm among the workers

Many candidates said that they go out only in the morning to meet people. He says that due to this he is getting direct contact with the people and people are making him feel close to him. Apart from this, it has become necessary for the leaders to come out and meet the people to increase the enthusiasm of the workers. In this way, leaders are considering the battle of perception on social media and the physical strategy of meeting people on the ground.

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