USA midterm elections: US midterm elections today, know everything


  • Mid-term elections are held to choose the members of both the houses.

  • Inflation, abortion law, gun law important issues in US mid-term election

Mid-term elections are being held in the United States today. Political changes can be seen in the mid-term elections of USA. After the results of the mid-term elections of USA, there may be an impact on the global economic slowdown, Russia-Ukraine war, unrest in Iran etc. Along with this, many decisions taken by President Joe Biden could have an impact on climate change, gun control and pushing new laws on infrastructure investment. After the results of the mid-term elections being held today, it will be decided who will control the Congress, the state legislatures and the offices of the governor. On the other hand, if the Democratic Party loses its majority in this election, then Joe Biden will face obstacles in getting the bills passed.

US mid-term election issues
US mid-term election inflation remains a major issue. In the US, the inflation rate in September was 8.2 percent. Along with this, an important issue is also about abortion law. Which the US Supreme Court has abolished the constitutional protection of abortion given to women 50 years ago. US President Joe Biden is against it. At the same time, the demand for gun law has also increased due to increasing incidents of firing in America. Some of whose support is also against it.

Five Indian-origin leaders fighting US mid-term elections
Mid-term elections being held in the US, five leaders of Indian origin are also making their mark. If we look at the opinion of election analysts, then their chances of winning are hundred percent. Out of these, four candidates Ami Bera, Raja Krishnamurthy, Ro Khanna and Pramila Jayapal are currently also MPs. Who has been fielded again by the Democratic Party of US President Joe Biden. Along with this, there is also a business police officer in the so-called ‘Samosa Caucus’ of Indian Americans in the electoral fray. If the SHO wins, he will be the fifth Indian-American to go to Parliament after Amy Bera, Raja Krishnamurthy, Ro Khanna and Pramila Jayapal.

What does the US survey say
According to an NBC News poll, 21% of Americans rated the mid-term election as the most important “threat to democracy”. In this survey, 16 percent people have described the rising cost of living as an important issue. At the same time, 14 percent people have told jobs and economy as important issues. Along with this, the economic issue has once again been described as important in this survey. Due to which the Democrats party may suffer in this election. Also, it can benefit the Republican Party.

Why do mid-term elections happen?
In the United States of America, mid-term elections take place in the middle of the four-year term of the President. Members of both houses of Parliament are elected from this election, that is, members of the House of Representatives (Lower House) and the Senate (Upper House). Along with this, the governor in the states is also elected during this election.

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