Used to sit as a ride, absconded with a vehicle after feeding drugs, 5 vicious miscreants arrested

Vicious crook arrested - India TV Hindi News

Image Source: IANS
Vicious crook arrested

Greater Noida: Greater Noida K Dadri police station has arrested 5 vicious thieves. These thieves are members of the Jahrkhurani gang who used to feed the drivers with intoxicants and carry out robbery incidents with them. Three stolen e-rickshaws have also been recovered from the thieves. Police said that the arrested miscreants used to sit in the vehicles as passengers and then absconded with the vehicles by feeding the drivers drugs.

Dadri police arrested Salim, Gulfam, Shamshad, Salman and Sameer on Friday. All these thieves are residents of Delhi, they used to carry out incidents of vehicle theft in Dadri and nearby areas.

Police said that the members of this gang used to ride in vehicles every day and then looted the vehicles by feeding them drugs and ran away. Five members of this gang have been arrested and their criminal history is known. is being collected. Simultaneously, investigation is also being done on the other people in his gang.

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