Uttar Pradesh Good news for sugarcane farmers know what is Yogi government new Panchamrita scheme

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  • Good news for sugarcane farmers
  • Know what is Yogi government’s new Panchamrita scheme
  • Panchamrut scheme will increase the income of sugarcane farmers

Uttar Pradesh: In order to increase the yield of sugarcane, the Uttar Pradesh government has started the Panchamrut scheme, which will not only explain the five methods of farming to the farmers, but will also double the income of sugarcane farmers by giving more production. It will work as a lifesaving tool for the farmers. In order to increase the yield by using new technology in sugarcane cultivation, the sugarcane department has started a new scheme named Panchamrit. This includes modern methods of sowing sugarcane, trench, tree management, drip irrigation, mulching and co-cropping. Because of this, it has been named Panchamrit.

Everything in this has its benefits. For example, drip irrigation will reduce water consumption by 50 to 60 percent. Maintaining moisture as per requirement will ensure good growth of plants. The use of mulching leaves will solve the problem of burning them and pollution caused by it. Over time, these leaves will rot and make the field naturally fertile in the form of manure.

Suitable time for cultivation of sugarcane

According to agricultural experts, the time from 15 September to 30 November is suitable for the cultivation of autumn sugarcane. The yield of this season’s sugarcane crop is also higher than the spring sugarcane cultivation. With the sugarcane sown in this season, farmers can co-crop potato, cabbage, coriander, peas, garlic, tomato and wheat between two lines of sugarcane. The condition is that additional nutrients should be given separately for these crops. This will reduce the cost of sugarcane cultivation. Income from sugarcane cultivation will be additional. In this way the income of the farmers will increase. Only those plots which will be cultivated through Panchamrut mode will be displayed as model models.

Motivated to adopt Panchamrut scheme

The time of autumn sowing is important for the establishment of model model plots and under this sowing, a target of ideal model plot of sugarcane cultivation is being set by initially selecting 2028 farmers in the state. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis plot will be 0.5 hectare. The purpose of such demonstrations is that the rest of the farmers of the area also see and adopt it. That is why such demonstrations will be held in every region of the state. Under the Panchamrut scheme, different district-wise targets have been set for the coordinated methods and methods.

Sugarcane farmers are being encouraged to adopt the Panchamrita scheme to promote co-cropping of sugarcane and trench method. Farmers are also adopting this scheme. In order to make the farmers sowing sugarcane in the autumn, from the District Sugarcane Officer to the other officers of the Sugarcane Department, they are going from village to village and making them aware about this method. It is also being told that the department will also honor some farmers who get better production from this method. Agriculture expert Amodkant Mishra says that in view of the number of sugarcane farmers in the state, it becomes necessary to reduce the cost of sugarcane cultivation and timely payment of sugarcane price. He said that if pulses are taken in the form of intercropping, an additional source of protein is found along with nitrogen fixation.

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