Uttar Pradesh Less rain has increased the concern of farmers there may be a huge decline in the production of Kharif crops

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  • Less rain has increased the concern of farmers
  • There may be a huge decline in the production of Kharif crops
  • Paddy planting has lagged behind

Uttar Pradesh: Due to less rains this time in Uttar Pradesh, there is a possibility of a significant decline in the production of Kharif crops. Due to this, lines of concern have started emerging on the foreheads of the farmers. The Kharif season crop has been delayed due to almost the entire June rain and very little rain in July, which is likely to have an impact on the upcoming Rabi season as well. According to the Meteorological Department data, between June 1 and July 29, Uttar Pradesh received only 170 mm of rain, which is almost 50 per cent of the normal level of 342.8 mm. During this period, 67 out of 75 districts of the state have received below average rainfall. There are only seven districts where rainfall levels were normal. According to the information received from the Health Department, due to less rainfall this time, the Kharif crop is getting affected badly.

Paddy planting has lagged behind

Till July 29, out of total 96.03 lakh hectare agricultural area of ​​the state, 72 lakh hectare area was cultivated, out of which paddy crop is sown in 60 lakh hectare area, but due to lack of rain, paddy transplantation has lagged behind. . State Minister of State for Agriculture Baldev Singh Aulakh informed that this year paddy has been sown in 40 lakh hectare area in the state, which is about 65 percent of the total area. This has happened due to late monsoon and less rainfall. He said that monsoon has now become active in the state and if normal rainfall continues this week, then 90 per cent of the area will be sown under paddy. Although the monsoon is active in the state at this time, but due to very less rainfall in June and July, farmers are worried about the possibility of drought.

Bisya Sen Verma, a marginal farmer of Nari Beheen village in Lakhimpur Kheri district, said, “We usually sow the seeds in the nursery in the first week of June and transplant it in the first week of July. The field is till July 10. We used to get flooded with rain water. But let’s do transplanting this year, due to lack of rain, our seeds got spoiled in the nursery itself.” According to experts, the main reason for the decline in paddy crop this year can be attributed to the delay in sowing of paddy in the fields.

Ideal time for transplanting is 25 to 35 days

D. Subramaniam, Principal Scientist of Indian Rice Research Center Hyderabad said that the ideal time for transplanting paddy in the field is 25 to 35 days. Once the plant is mature in the nursery, it is less likely to flourish if planted late. Paddy farmers in different parts of the state say that due to weak monsoon, it took 40 to 50 days for them to take out the paddy saplings from the nursery and plant them in the field. Soma Rupal, a farmer from Mau district said, “We cannot transplant paddy in dry fields so we had no option but to wait for the rains. I usually sow paddy in one and a half acres area, but this time I have planted only in one acre area.

Drought-like conditions can occur

Uttar Pradesh has either received very little or no rain till June 29 this year. The last 30 June and 5 July saw normal rainfall, but after that the monsoon weakened and till 23 July, the situation was almost dry. Whereas, this is the ideal time for transplanting paddy. The weak monsoon has also affected crops like tur and maize. Due to lack of rain, the maize sprouts dried up after sprouting. While farmers in eastern Uttar Pradesh are worried about tur and maize crops, farmers in the west are worried about their sugarcane crop. Director of Indian Sugarcane Research Institute A.D. Pathak said that “Lack of rain is certainly a matter of concern for sugarcane farmers. It will have some impact on sugarcane growth, but overall it will not have any significant impact.” In view of the drought-like situation in the state, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had said in a meeting with senior officials recently that the government should be prepared for any situation.

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